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EnterIdeas was born from innovation. Founded in 2013, the company has been a resident of the Technopark Akademgorodok business incubator in Novosibirsk. Since then, it has engaged in the development of technically complex products and engineering in a wide range of segments, including Entertainment, Medicine and AI.

In 2019, the company pursued an investment-oriented direction. EnterIdeas invests in start-ups from small-batch production to MVP with priority being given to rapidly growing hardware-projects. Today, the company also provides manufacturing advisory services to companies and helps bring products to the markets of North America.

"If technology does not free people from the routine so that they can pursue the higher goals of humanity, then all technological progress is meaningless."
Our Projects
How it works
Healthcare sensor
Invented in 2020


Hardware and software complex for automatic early contactless detection of people with symptoms of various ARVI.
Solution based on artificial intelligence. The accuracy of identifying potentially infected people is 85%.
Contactless measurement of various parameters. It takes less than a second to make a decision.
The system cares about the protection of personal data. Access to recommendations is available only for responsible persons.


Medical bed
How it works
Robotized medical bed for the care of sedentary patients.
It's designed for homes, clinics, and hospitals. It increases patient mobility and facilitates care.
The kinematic configuration of 10 movable sections allows for carrying out all existing functional positions and movements of the patient.
It includes unique functions for the treatment and prevention of specific pathologies that do not have any analogues.
Invented in 2020
How it works
Virtual attraction
Invented in 2012
The only compact, looping roller coaster
Full immersion
Controlling a spaceship or a robot from the first person using VR technologies in addition to physical activities allows the players to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of unpredictable events and adventures.
Easy control
The mechanic of the AT360 is designed so that the player, sitting in the cockpit, can control his position
in three planes, while the positions of the axes do not depend on each other.
The small size of the AT360 allows placing the attraction on an area of less than 7 square meters in any place of play areas.


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The company Porto Mecanica is a division of the EnterIdeas Group. It is an innovative engineering company specializing in the development of technical and design documentation with further manufacturing of high-tech products at our own production site.

As Porto Mecanica has its own production capacity with versatile metal-cutting and metal-working equipment, it can produce test samples of products in the shortest possible time frame and manufacture most of the components for the project. The base of Porto Mecanica's production capacity is formed of TRUMPF (Canada) machines: Laser and hydroabrasive cutting of sheet metal, laser cutting of tube rolls, machine bending and a 5-axis СNC machining centre.
The accumulated experience of working with technical documentation and production sites in North America allows us to work easily according to ANSI, ISO and GOST standards in the United States, Russia and the European Union and allows for adapting and selling products from the CIS countries to North America, and vice versa.
As Porto Mecanica has its own production facilities in both Russia and the United States, it allows the company to manufacture equipment on its own.

Manufacturing in USA
Our advantages
Quality of our products is at the highest level.
Convenient product price range.
The manufacturing is reliable and functional.
Innovative approach to implementation.
High quality
Our team
Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with long-term experience in the development and deployment of IT solutions, artificial intelligence, engineering and design. We are proud of the high professionalism of our employees, allowing us to achieve all of our goals.
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CFO of the company
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CTO of the company
"Innovations are what gives available resources new opportunities to create price."
"Nothing is more constant than change."
"Thinking is the most difficult work. That is why few people take it on."
"Everything is possible, the impossible demands more time."
Mike Busygin
CСO of the company
"The world, as we made it - is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."
Dennis Voronin
Project Manager of AT360
"We decided to push the possibilities of VR. With the AT360, we became the new frontier"
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Vadim Povetkin
CTO of the company
"Everything is possible, the impossible demands more time."